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Accutrac Release 2.38.1 Goes Live in June!

March 18, 2015
Accutrac June Release

Total Customer Satisfaction (TCS) is a top priority at Iron Mountain. We look for ways to improve services daily, and one way to improve our customers’ experience is through regular enhancements to our Accutrac software. Feature Enhancements Accutrac 2.38.1, targeted to be released in June, includes numerous feature enhancements all aimed at helping our customers better manage…

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Using Accutrac – Microsoft Internet Explorer Tips and Hints

May 28, 2014

Most Accutrac software releases provide you with new features and enhancements to help you better your records. Some releases are done to ensure Iron Mountain maintains the latest industry standards in terms of supported operating systems, server platforms and web browser versions. Earlier this year, changes were made to our hosted services to support HTML5,…

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Accutrac Announces Software Suite of Services

May 21, 2014

Iron Mountain recognizes records management software is not a one-size-fits-all proposition. Every customer is different and has unique records management requirements. Solutions that work for a large organization might be overkill for a small company. With that in mind, Iron Mountain has rebranded our Accutrac Records and Information Management software so it can be implemented to…

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Q&A with David Kucz

April 10, 2014
David Kucz

As we welcome David to the team, here is a quick Q&A with him to help you get to know him better. What is your favorite Accutrac software feature? “Among my favorite features, is Accutrac’s ability to integrate with SafeKeeperPLUS (SKP) and other third party records management systems, like O’Neil, which allows customers one records…

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Password Resets – Tips and Hints

April 5, 2014

From time to time, we all forget our passwords to the various applications we use each day. Accutrac includes functionality that enables you to reset your password. Password resets in Accutrac are designed to be managed by the customer and the assigned customer Accutrac Administrator. Iron Mountain Support cannot reset passwords on your behalf for…

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