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July 2015 – Accutrac Newsletter

August 25, 2015
July Newsletter 2015

New Online User Forum Coming

A new online user forum will be made available in the coming weeks. It will be a place where users can ask questions about existing Accutrac functionality, how other Accutrac customers may be handling processes, suggest enhancements to the application, and more.

The objective of this online forum is for Accutrac customers to reach out and get feedback from other Accutrac customers. It is not intended for support purposes, billing questions, etc. There are other avenues to addresses those types of topics.

We are excited to bring you this capability. Look for follow up announcements that will let you know it is ready for registration and use. More details to follow.

Accutrac Portable Barcode Scanner Support

Accutrac now supports any of the available portable barcode scanners on the market that meet the following criteria:

  • Windows CE 5.0 or higher
  • .NET 3.5 Framework installed
  • Windows Mobile Device Center (For Windows Vista or later version)
    • Active Sync (for Windows XP or earlier version)

In the past we only supported specific devices and now this offers you the opportunity to consider any available portable scanner. If you have any questions please let us know by emailing them to

Windows Client Customers

Just a reminder to our customers still running the old Accutrac Windows client versions. The end of life for this version was July 1, 2015. Many of you have already completed or engaged and begun the upgrade process to the most current version of Accutrac web client. For those that have not please contact Accutrac Customer Care to start the discussion if you do intend to upgrade.

Protecting Your Data

In this heightened security conscious era you may be wondering how the Accutrac team handles your data when we request a copy of your database and the steps we take to remove it from Accutrac servers when we no longer need it.

Iron Mountain takes security and confidentiality of customer information very seriously. The Accutrac group has put policies and procedures in place to address receipt, handling and removal of a customer database.

Why do we request a copy of a customer database? This typically occurs when an issue persists that we are unable to recreate in our environment and require a copy of the customer database to troubleshot and resolve. It might also be requested when some type of project activity is getting underway such as a conversion of additional data.

What is the Accutrac Policy and Procedure for handling the customer database? Once the customer has uploaded a copy of their database to the ftp site we provide, it is then removed from the ftp site and placed on an internal Accutrac server. The database is then accessed by the appropriate resources to address the need. Once the need for the database has been completed the Accutrac Director of Engineering is notified. The Director of Engineering takes the responsibility for having the database deleted and logs the time/date of the event.

We want to assure you that your data is safe and protected when it is sent to us and deleted when we no longer have a need to access it.

Accutrac Hosted on Iron Mountain Servers

There is a growing market trend for adoption of cloud based applications. Organizations are turning to this as an option when possibly looking to reduce internal IT costs for hardware, software and resources to maintain and run on premise applications. Some organizations are looking to spread risk and keep select applications running on premise and others as a hosted application with the vendor when it is offered.

Iron Mountain offers Accutrac as a hosted application. This runs out of a datacenter in the U.S. If your organization is considering the possibility of shifting some of its applications and where they reside, it might be time to consider moving Accutrac to the cloud.

Please contact David Kucz, Accutrac Client Relations Manager at for more detailed information.

Tell us how we are doing or any of your stories. If you would like to participate and be willing to let us use your company as a reference for new future Accutrac customers let us know. Send us an email –