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Holiday Edition

March 18, 2015
Happy Holidays

It is hard to believe the holidays are upon us and another year has just about gone by. The Accutrac team has undergone many changes during 2014 and we thought we would take this opportunity to share some of them with you as many of them have happened in the background but all have been done to improve Accutrac and our customers experience.

Many processes within the functional teams have been updated and documented so that consistency for customer interaction and software development and rollout are improved. A software development release cycle was formalized so the roadmap intake review and approval process is streamlined and the development team with product management work towards each release with improved documentation, gates to complete activities and upgrade packages.

Customer communication and outreach has become more proactive with newsletters, the return of the Accutrac website, bulletins and notifications when customers running certain services may go down or will undergo periodic maintenance.

New employees have been hired in key areas to further improve documentation and onboarding of new customers.
These are just a few of the changes that have taken place all with an objective of improving Accutrac and the experience for our customers. We hope some of this has been felt in your interactions with the team members and use of the application.

Windows Client Customers

Just a reminder to our customers still running the old Accutrac Windows client versions. The end of life for this version is July 1, 2015. Many of you have already engaged and begun the upgrade process to the most current version of Accutrac web client. For those that have not, please contact Accutrac Customer Care to start the discussion. After the first of the year, we will be proactively reaching out to you as well.

Web Client Customers

Just a reminder to out customers running older versions of the web client. The most currently release is If you are running a version older than this, please start looking at upgrading to the most current release. Reach out to Accutrac Customer Care for any details, upgrade checklist form or to assist with questions. It is important to one release of the current one as any bugs or defects reported will only be addressed to the currently available version.

IE7 Nearing End of Life Support

Accutrac will be announcing end of life support for IE7 version browser with the next Accutrac release of software due out in February 2015. Please start to plan accordingly if your organization is still using IE7 with your Accutrac release. We expect this might still be happening with customers on older versions. As indicated above, the push is on to get our customer base off of these older versions and to the current release.

Happy Holiday Wishes!!!

From the entire Accutrac Team we wish you a Happy and Safe Holiday Season.

Tell us how we are doing or any of your stories. If you would like to participate and be willing to let us use your company as a reference for new future Accutrac customers let us know. Send us an email –