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April 2015 – Accutrac Newsletter

August 25, 2015
April Newsletter 2015

Release 2.40 Announced in February

The latest Accutrac release, 2.40, was announced in February. There are a number of new features and updates included in this release. Here are just a few to highlight:

Option to Select Fields to Export to .xls from Item Browse and QBE

In previous releases when using the export functionality for a set of results it would export all of the available data columns in the browse. This new functionality allows the user to specify which columns to export via the Wizard that appears. Read more about this on page 35 of the Build Release Notes.

Identify Eligible Items Not Included in Disposal Project

Authorized individuals who frequently run disposal projects can now begin with an import of items. This enhancement allows those authorized users to see via a report/export why items were excluded from a project based on criteria used at project creation. Previous versions have indicated a “Conflict” but it required individually opening and reviewing each item to determine the conflict. This streamlines the view into items excluded. Read more about this on page 55 of the Build Release Notes.

Significant changes were made in Release 38.1 to the Disposal Functionality. If you are still running a version prior to 38.1 this might be a good reason to upgrade and then further take advantage of the enhancement outlined in the newest release.

SSRS Inventory Dashboard Standard Report

A new dashboard report is available that will provide details on any item type that has been configured in Accutrac. Read more about this on page 95 of the Build Release Notes.

April 2015 Chart

**This dashboard report will soon be available for Hosted Customers.

These are just some of the new features in the latest release. For all Accutrac customers running on an older version of the web client please consider getting upgraded to the latest release. In the announcement package we included the latest System Requirements and a checklist document to request the upgrade.

Windows Client Customers

Just a reminder to our customers still running the old Accutrac Windows client versions. The end of life for this version is July 1, 2015. Many of you have already engaged and begun the upgrade process to the most current version of Accutrac web client. For those that have not, please contact Accutrac Customer Care to start the discussion.

Compliance Corner – Records Management Processes and Holds

If your organization is being sued, investigated or audited, or if you anticipate you may be sued, investigated, or audited, you have a duty to preserve all relevant information, including your
business records. Many organizations do not have an automated process for applying a Hold to
their records.

It is not uncommon for organizations to utilize a manual process for maintaining and distributing information about Holds. For example, it is quite common for organizations to use a spreadsheet to indicate what the Hold is, when it was issued, what information is relevant to the Hold and who was notified about the Hold. This process is manually tedious and does not ensure that all relevant information, in particular business records, is being properly identified and preserved. Using a manual process to identify and locate records means the likelihood that records will be mistakenly destroyed increases, when, in fact, they should have been excluded from any destruction process.