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Accutrac Release 2.38.1 Announced July 10th!

March 18, 2015

Just a reminder that the newest release of Accutrac is now available to request. Documentation included build release notes, an updated security matrix document, checklist for requesting the upgrade, and mini-training documents on use of the new Disposal Functionality with automated workflow routing. All of this documentation was posted to an ftp site for download.

Please be sure to review these documents and let us know if you have any questions. Start planning your upgrade discussions within your user group and IT teams to get the latest available functionality running in your Accutrac environment.

Highlighted Enhancements in New Release

Retention Management: The ability to track your retention schedule and record code changes using a data import utility or Retention Management features. As data grows exponentially across your company and resources change over time, your records management requirements also change. This feature enables you to audit any changes you make to retention schedules and record codes so you have a history of those changes.

Disposition Projects: New Disposal Workflow driven functionality which includes routing for approval process. This new functionality can be used or you can continue to use Disposal project functionality as you have been. Review the documentation and see if the new functionality would provide greater benefits to your organization.

Unique Barcode Support: The ability to add a unique barcode to support a specific item type or add a unique barcode for use system wide allowing you to have more control when categorizing items and records.

Other feature enhancements include scanning performance tuning in Check In screen and Scan to Add areas of the application. For our customers utilizing the SKP integration functionality additional improvements have been made.

Platform Enhancements

Technology changes rapidly and Iron Mountain is sensitive to our customers’ needs in regards to supported databases, server platforms, operating systems, and web browsers. So if your IT organization is moving to any of these newer environments they are now supported in the latest release:

  • Database: Microsoft SQL 2012
  • Server: Windows Server 2012
  • Operating System: Windows 8 OS
  • Web Browser: Microsoft Internet Explorer 10 (IE10)

Do you have any general questions, billing questions or other. Direct them to and we will get you answers.

Love to get your feedback on how we are doing, what do you like about Accutrac, how is it helping your organization manage their physical records against your documented records management policy.

Send us your thoughts or experiences to