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Accutrac Cloud-Based Hosted Services Now Available

April 4, 2014

We all hear about “The Cloud” every day. And every day, more and more businesses are offering cloud-based services to enable their customers to manage data and other records online in a hosted environment. Why? Because for most businesses the cloud is faster to implement, there are fewer start-up costs, and it’s easier to maintain over time.

Iron Mountain understands our customers want cloud services, and to continue offering you world-class records management solutions, Accutrac now offers cloud-based hosted services. Accutrac Hosted Services are very similar to the Accutrac software you have installed on-site, instead you use the Internet to log in and use the application. The majority of features available with the on-site, installed version of Accutrac are also available online.

To learn more about Accutrac Hosted Services click here.