Record Retrieval Process

Accutrac serves as a master index and control point to manage your active records. This includes tracking the circulation of records, requests and retrievals to optimize the efficiency of storage, both on-site or offsite as well as tracking retention period, applying holds and managing eventual disposition.


With Accutrac you can:

  • Access all of your information using a consistent process and one system of record
  • Search, track and retrieve records using one application regardless of the location or status of any record
  • Streamline discovery through a single search of records
  • Prove your program compliance through clear and comprehensive reporting throughout a records lifecycle

  • 01 Unify records regardless of
    status or location
  • 02 Use one system of record
  • 03 Apply policy across records
  • 04 Securely manage inventory
  • 05 Remain compliant

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