Record Management Policy

Compliant Records Management begins with a defined RIM program – the policies and procedures that govern the way records are managed by the organization. Accutrac consistently and universally applies your records and retention policies and procedures, which are enforced systematically. Any records archived, placed on hold, or destroyed through disposition are tightly controlled, managed and audited to protect you in the case of litigation.


Accutrac allows you to:

  • Apply retention policies to the records types important to your organization
  • Consistently apply holds to records to reduce the risk of spoliation, including placing multiple holds on the same record for different business reasons and reviewing lists of records on hold using reports.
  • Defensibly destroy records per established destruction eligibility parameters
  • Schedule destruction events by reviewing and approving eligibility lists and using automated routing for approvals

  • 01 Unify records regardless of
    status or location
  • 02 Use one system of record
  • 03 Apply policy across records
  • 04 Securely manage inventory
  • 05 Remain compliant

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